Basic Features

Loyalty, Cashback, and Bonus Vouchers


Customer Administration
Customer Categories
Customer History
Edit Transaction
Digital Stamp
Credit and Debit of Points
Credit and Debit of Gift Cards
Administration of Gift Cards
Administration of Stores
Administration of the Rate used to Convert Dollars into Cashback or Points
Administration of User and Levels of Access
Administration of the Rewards Store and/or Cashback Module
Administração de Empresas Parceiras
Generate Traceable Vouchers with QR Code or Barcode, which can be posted posted in social media sites, and/or printed materials
Generate Electronic Reports with CSV files to be opened on spreadsheets (excel, numbers, open office, etc)
Request improvements to interfaces and features and usability.
Administration of images and texts of the landing page and related pages
Administration of table reservation for restaurants
Reporting and administration of surveys submitted by customers
Administration of features related to the POS integration

Customer Area

Access to full history of purchase and rewards collected
Edit personal data and preferences
Submit Comments and/or Questions
Submit Customer Survey, with or without receiving Bonus Cashback or Bonus Points.
Refer-a-Friend via e-mail, Whatsapp or text mesage
Generate Discount Vouchers or Cash Vouchers that can be used in your stores, or business partners with whom you have established mutual collaboration.

Integration with POS, e-commerce or third party software.

The web app can be integrated with a variety of applications, in many different formats.