System900 - Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Whether it is hosted on your servers, or our servers, the applications are developed with focus on security, scalabilty and performance throughout the system. Database daily backups, encryption of sensitive information, and protection against data loss are a must. 1-Click-Database-Download by System900 always available via the Web App control panel.

Web Apps, UX - User Experience

Web Applications & User Experience

Development of Web Apps with a responsive layout, where content, design and performance are set across all devices, ensuring ease of use, efficiency and satisfaction to the person interacting with the application and the machine, whether it is a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Information Systems & Databases

Information Systems & Databases

We develop information systems understanding that humans should be the focus, thus, rendering it useful. All the web applications are developed using the most popular open source scripting language, i.e. PHP, as well as the most used open source Relational Database Management System, i.e. MySQL. This commbination has been proven highly efficient, being used by small and large corporations in the world.

Prebuilt & Customizable Web Apps

Some applications we have developed along 20+ years, which are available for subscription and customization in order to match your exact needs.

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We can integrate our web applications with any third party software and/or platform that your corporation is currently using.

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Project Development

Send the basic requirements of the software you need, and we will provide time & cost estimation.


Rewards & Cashback Applications

We will customize the application to match your specific requirements.

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